Change camplayer or system settings

Open configuration menu

You can open the configuraion menu by entering two key combinations:

  • ←↓→↑ (arrow keys)
  • 1234

Player settings

To adjust camplayer specific settings, select ‘CAMPLAYER ADVANCED SETTINGS’ in the configuration menu.

Camplayer settings


Video quality   Video source quality selection.
                Only valid if your devices have multiple subchannnels/substreams 
                of a different quality. 'Auto select' is the preferred mode.
Video refresh   Refreshes all video players at this interval. Note that you will 
                see a black screen for a few seconds every time this happens.
Video timeout   Video timeout when playback starts.
Video buffer    Video buffer time, you might need to increase this value when 
                your video playback is unreliable (like a slow WAN connection).
                On the other side, increasing this value also increases the time delay.
Look and feel   'Enable OSD' enables status and action messages in the upper left corner.
Background      A background shows 'NO LINK' images behind every video. 
                The dynamic mode changes this background in real-time.
Screen change   Only applicable if you have defined multiple screens. 
                For the normal mode, there is a black screen period 
                of a few seconds between the screen changeovers.
                The fast modes don't suffer from this but have a higher performance impact.

System settings

To adjust system specific settings, select ‘SYSTEM SETTINGS’ in the configuration menu.

System settings


Display mode        Force a specific display mode. Some televisions also support monitor modes.
                    Television modes use a limited HDMI color range while monitor modes 
                    use the full HDMI color range, this can affect the perceived black level.
Enable 2nd display  Enable the 2nd HDMI output (HDMI1) on the Raspberry Pi 4.
Enable CEC          Enable CEC, including Television remote control forwarding.
    Wake/sleep..    Stop streaming when your television turns off and resume streaming 
                    when your television turns on again.
    Turn On/Off TV  Wake television when this device resumes from sleep, 
                    sleep the television when this device goes to sleep.
Display pwr mngmnt  Wake and sleep the television or monitor at specific times.
Enable splash..     Hides technical information during startup.
Enable per. reboot  Reboot this device at specific times, this can help if you 
                    Experience stability issues after some longer uptimes.
Configure timezone  Configure the correct timezone especially when you have enabled 
                    periodic reboot or display power management.

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