Hidden Settings

Hidden settings are usually not required, but they can be used in case of problems.

How to change hidden settings

  1. Open the ‘boot’ folder/partition of your SD card on another computer.
  2. Look for a file named ‘system-config.ini’. This file is not present before the first run.
  3. Make changes to or add settings in the correct section. Settings overview
  4. Save file and safely remove SD card again.

Possible settings

Section Setting Values Used in GUI Description
DISPLAY hdmi_group CEA,DMT Yes see https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/configuration/config-txt/video.md
DISPLAY hdmi_mode See descr. Yes see https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/configuration/config-txt/video.md
DISPLAY hdmi_dual 0,1 Yes Enable both HDMIs for the Pi 4
DISPLAY hdmi_ignore_update 0,1 No When set, hdmi mode, group and dual settings will be ignored (use config.txt)
DISPLAY cec_enable 0,1 Yes Enables CEC (Television remote control passtrough)
DISPLAY cec_pwr_camplayer 0,1 Yes Power on/off camplayer when the television turns on/off
DISPLAY cec_pwr_tv 0,1 Yes Power on/off television when this device powers on/off
ADVANCED device_startup_scan 0,1 No Device scan and adjustment (changed IP addresses) on startup
ADVANCED splashscreen 0,1 Yes Enables CAMPLYER OS splashscreen on startup
ADVANCED periodic_reboot_enable 0,1 Yes Enables periodic reboot
ADVANCED periodic_reboot_hour 0..23 Yes Hour of day(s) to reboot
ADVANCED periodic_reboot_day 0..7 Yes Day(s) of week to reboot, 0=all days, 1=monday, 7=sunday
POWER pwr_mgmt_enable 0,1 Yes Enables scheduled wake/sleep function (including display)
POWER pwr_mgmt_wake_hour 0..23 Yes Hour of day(s) to wake up
POWER pwr_mgmt_sleep_hour 0..23 Yes Hour of day(s) to go to sleep
POWER pwr_mgmt_days 0..127 Yes Day(s) of week bitflag etc. 1=monday, 2=tuesday, 4=wednesday, Example: mon+tue+wed=1+2+4=7
NETWORK wifi_enable 0,1 Yes Enables/disables the WiFi adaptor
NETWORK wifi_country Any Yes Currently Read-Only, do not change manually!
NETWORK wifi_ssid Any Yes Currently Read-Only, do not change manually!
NETWORK wifi_password Any Yes Currently Read-Only, do not change manually!


  • Used in GUI = Settings are also used by the configuration menu (GUI).
  • Some settings are visible by default, some not. In the latter case, you can manually add them.


Example to set a custom display mode


hdmi_group = CEA
hdmi_mode = 31


  • Your display must support and report this mode on startup. This is not always the case with buggy firmware, cables or adaptors.
  • Supported modes are logged in the “edidlogs” folder on your SD card. You can use this log to pick a mode with a sensible resolution. Something close to 1920x1080 is recommended.

Example to set a custom display mode with config.txt


hdmi_ignore_update = 1




Example to disable the device scan


device_startup_scan = 0


  • Disables the automatic device scan on startup.

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