About Camplayer

What is Camplayer?

Camplayer is a piece of software that allows you to use your Raspberry Pi as IP camera viewer.

It initially started as a hobby project as I could not find any decent (and free) software packet to use the Raspberry Pi as cheap
and easy to use IP camera monitor. I decided to make it public as I believe many people can benefit from it.

And what about Camplayer OS?

Camplayer OS is a plug and play operating system containing the camplayer software.
Its main goal is to improve the reliability and user experience.


  • Plug and play installation (Camplayer OS only)
  • Read-only operating system, unexpected power down safe (Camplayer OS only)
  • Display power management (Camplayer OS only)
  • Automatic IP address tracking (Camplayer OS only)
  • Keyboard or CEC remote control
  • H264 and MJPEG decoding (HEVC is experimental)
  • Video grid for up to 9 streams (H264 640x360@24FPS)
  • Substream/subchannel support with automatic or manual selection
  • Automatic recovery of broken streams
  • Raspberry Pi 4 dual screen support (experimental)
  • Demo mode

How to install Camplayer OS?

Follow these instructions for Camplayer OS

The installation procedure is kept as simple as possible.
Basically you only have 4 steps.

  1. Download and flash the image to an SD card
  2. Follow the license procedure (for beta builds only)
  3. Setup WiFi and add your IP cameras stream URLs
  4. Configure your layout (grid mode) and go!

Follow these instructions for Camplayer (without OS)

How does it look?

For convenience with 4 identical streams.


Corresponding configuration (Camplayer OS GUI)